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©2014 Patricia Burn.

''WHERE ARE THE BODIES BURIED?'' Why do you ask?




TALES FROM THE PERSEUS ARM began as the germ of an idea at the back of the mind of SAM TAYLOR.


The back of the mind of Sam Taylor is a dangerous place as there are no limits there and anything is possible.


"I'm surrounded by people of talent", Sam thought. "Let's get together and write a book". And so it began.
Mountains were climbed, dragons and battles were fought. Lives and loves were lost along the way. And yet the poppies grew taller.

One day we will write the stories behind all this & Sam will co-mingle elements of Anna Karenina, War and Peace and The Empire Strikes Back into the screenplay. 

When it goes to Hollywood, Tom Hiddleston will play Sam, and Emma Thompson - God bless her English heart - will play me for all she's worth and we'll all be up there on the silver screen, writ large, strutting our stuff for all the world to see. Writer and artist, full of sound and fury, signifying not a lot but having a hump-back whale of a time along the way.

"So long, Gracie, and thanks for all the fish."
What larks, Pip. 


Volume 1 of Tales From The Perseus Arm came out on 1 Sept 2013. Volume 2 came out on 11 July 2014 and Volume 3 is due out before Christmas 2014.

Long may this series run. It's absolutely awesome and it's an honour to be a part of it.


Patricia Burn.


The Original Perseus 1 Press Release

22 October 2013

Read the original Press release detailing much of the background information and history behind volume 1 of the project, here.

The Press Release for Perseus Volume 2.

11 July 2014

SGA Publications 11 July 2014 Press Release for Tales From The Perseus Arm, Volume 2

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