Perseus 1 came out on 1st Sept 2013 to fanfare and excellent reviews and is available to order through all major book sellers. It can also be BOUGHT ONLINE through a number of outlets including AMAZON where it is available in both PRINT and KINDLE format.

Perseus 2 came out on 11 July 2014 and Perseus 3 should be out in time for Christmas 2014.


Perseus 2 is simply the bees knees and quite frankly on a par with any science fiction anthology out there, historic or current. The wealth of new talent that has been unleashed by this project is astounding.  



Tales From The Perseus Arm, Vol 1 

ISBN-10: 0992541573 

ISBN-13: 978-0992541576

Tales From The Perseus Arm is a collection of new science fiction stories by a bevy of authors from all around the world, including the renowned John Gribbin and award-winning Sam Taylor. The art work for both the front and the back covers is by Patricia Burn who continues to work with these talented authors to bring a striking visual cohesion to the overall project.

Features stories by:

Kelli Faust, John Gribbin, Rachael Kelly, Daniel Z. Klein, Salvatore B Lombard, C. M. Martin, Debbie Painter, Sam Taylor, Kate Welty & a poem by Patricia Burn.

Tales From The Perseus Arm, Vol 2 

ISBN-10: 0992541530

ISBN-13: 978-0992541538

There were some additions to the Perseus team for Volume 2.


In Volume 2 we again find stories by John Gribbin, Rachael Kelly, C. M. Martin, Salvatore B Lombard,  Debbie Painter, Sam Taylor, and Kate Welty. Plus stories by authors fresh to the Perseus project; Patricia Burn, Steve Guest and Tim Maclean, each of whom brings an exciting new perspective to the team. 


This is what Perseus is about; giving a platform to the best and the brightest.


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