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Tales From The Perseus Arm isn't a book, it's a village and adventure in which something new is always happening. Check back here often and we'll give you updates about what is going on  - not just with the anthologies but with our authors and editorial-team, too. 


Where is Volume 3????

Jan 2016

Yep, it's late. We Admit that. We're very sorry for that but this is a boutique piece containing only the very best work from the very best of the Perseus authors - one more of whom has since won a prize since Vol 2 came out. It will be worth the wait. Meanwhile, Pat and Sam really are planning on taking over the world. Cosmic! 

Tales becomes a Two Man Job.

October 2014

Sam Taylor and Patricia Burn are now officially Co-Coordinators of the entire Tales From The Perseus Arm Project. It has become 'their baby'.
All decisions, editorial and otherwise, are now jointly made -  and they have plans for 10 editions.
And a box set.
And accompanying merchandise at some point!

Perseus Author John Gribbin #1 Best Seller!

July 16th 2014

Perseus Author and famous physicist John Gribbin reaches #1 today in Amazon's Best Sellers in Theoretical Physics, ahead of Richard Feynman, Brian Cox et al. 

Tales From The Perseus Arm Volume 2 released!

July 11th 2014

Volume 2 of the Tales was today released on both and in both PRINT and KINDLE format. Will be available to order through Barnes & Noble.


July 3rd 2014

Purchased the domain today and we 'went live' at the official url. Just got to 'proof' the site now, finish the P2 cover etc and then it's ALL GO!

And now for something less ... formal?

30th June 2014

Blog Section of the Website goes live. There will be an ongoing 'Captain's Log' plus intermittent blogs by various other Perseus people. What next?!

Astronomers detect a mysterious signal.

June 24th 2014

It seems the gossip about the forth-coming Perseus 2 release has the scientists at NASA all confused? Dark matters abound in the Perseus cluster...


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