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Perseus People... are the luckiest people in the world. And also some of the most talented. They come from all walks of life and are situated at various points around the planet - like strategically placed 'Sleeper Robots' waiting on the command to 'awake' and take over civilisation...

In the meantime, to stave off boredom, they write. Be afraid.

Sam Taylor

(Editor, P1 Story 'Carriers', P2 Story 'Wolfie')

Sam Taylor, the driving force behind Perseus, is an Australian science fiction author who has a science degree which he happily manages to ignore. He rehabilitates and rides horses, gets shot at occasionally and has been known to swing off cliffs on ropes to alleviate boredom. He has written over 100 short stories as well as the novels ‘Deadly Jewel’ and ‘The Eye of Shiva.’ These books are available on Amazon.

Patricia Burn

(Cover art, Website, P1 Poem 'Space Cadet', P2 story 'The Trouble with Coughing')

Patricia has an Honours Degree in both Politics and Literature and has been many things to many people. A polymath with an altruistic streak she is at her happiest listening to music whilst creating new artwork.  Also runs a Rattery.  Has been known to talk to God.

John Gribbin

(P1 Story 'Artifact', P2 Story 'Easy as Pi')

John studied astrophysics in Cambridge, then worked for Nature & New Scientist.  He writes science fiction based on fact, and science fact that reads like fiction.  He also writes songs for the group “Three Bonzos and a Piano”. His latest book Timeswitch is now available on Amazon.

C.M. Martin

(P1 Story 'Orientation', P2 Stories 'Asylum' & 'First Contact – Last Contact')

When not writing, teaching, crafting or plotting world domination, Martin fulfils her destiny as the indentured servant of four cats and two ferrets.  Her amazing novel Natira, Child of the Clouds, is available from Amazon.

Rachael Kelly

(P1 Story 'Blumelena', P2 Story 'Wavelength')

Rachael won an Aspiring Novelist award in Ireland in 2014 with her novel ‘Edge of Heaven.’  She has a PhD in film theory and a mild obsession with Marcus Antonius, and her first non-fiction book (which featured both of these things) was published in 2013 and is available HERE.

Kate Welty

(P1 story 'Eartholder', P2; 'Influence' & 'Travelers')

Kate’s real life, her passionate internal life, has always leapt and wept, laughed and stormed within the fictions of other writers’ stories; there she lived joyfully within their realities.  Now, inexplicably, she is creating stories.  Perhaps that is good.  It is certainly interesting.

Steve Guest

(P2: 'What the Hell is This For' and 'Where Did We Come From?')

Multidisciplinary individual, with little or no discernible discipline. A science trained nurse and counsellor, fixer of all things, framer, aquarist, graphic artist, computerizer, & musician. Lately; writer of excellent and terrible poems & short stories. Next, more ‘quirky writings’, we hope! 

Debbie Painter

(P1 story 'Domo', P2 story 'Robbie')

A graduate of the University of Tennessee Knoxville, Debbie was employed for many years by the State of Tennessee.  Upon retirement, she is trying a new field – writing.  Her brilliant first novel ‘Dissolution’ is available at Amazon

Tim Mclean

(P2 story 'Time Will Tell')

2014 is an exciting year for Tim; he has several short stories due for publication, his debut children’s book, The Sword of Gomar is ready for release and he is busy editing several anthologies including ‘Fear’s Accomplice’ for NoodleDoodle Publications & KnightWatch Press.

Kelli Faust

(P1 story 'Eighth Day')

Kelli Faust grew up in a family of astronomers and has always been intrigued by science fact and the visions of science fiction. She has a degree in Biotechnology and lives a relatively normal life in suburbia with her husband and three opinionated cats.

Salvatore B Lombard

(P1 story 'Shipping and Handling', P2 story 'Little Ghost of Elvis')

A Classics student who enjoys studying language, Salvatore spends his free time doodling cartoons and picking up horse poop.

Daniel Z. Klein

(P1 story 'Fruit of Memory')

Daniel is a German video game designer who inexplicably can’t stop writing fiction in English. Normally it’s dirtier, and more people die, but he behaved this time.

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