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Perseus 2 Press Release

Sam Taylor, SGA Publications

11 July 2014


How it started:


In 2012, Sam Taylor gathered a team of international science fiction authors to produce the successful anthology 'Tales from the Perseus Arm.'  Stories were written, gathered and edited, and the first anthology was published in October 2013.  The authors were an eclectic group from England, Ireland, the US, and Australia, including some unpublished and some established authors. These authors got together and had so much fun doing Perseus Volume 1 that they decided to continue on with the series.  Sam said ‘Yes, sure’ and has been hiding under the bed since!
(As editors are wont to do.)


The result was that 'Tales from the Perseus Arm Volume 2' was published today, 11 July 2014, in print and Kindle formats on Amazon.


What do our authors do in between Perseus anthologies?


Since Perseus Volume 1, some authors have left the group and others have eagerly stepped into the breach. For the second volume, the Perseus team welcomes new contributions from Steve Guest and Tim McLean and our Cover Artist, Patricia Burn becomes an author, too. These new authors bring all shades from comedy to horror in their four lively science fiction tales featured in Tales From The Perseus Arm, Volume 2.


Also the team welcomed back stalwarts John Gribbin and Rachael Kelly.

  • Just this week, on 10 July 2014, one of John Gribbin’s books, ‘In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat’ reached No 1 in the Theoretical Physics bestsellers list on Amazon!

  • His other recent releases include the novel ‘Timeswitch,’ an adventure story set in 11th century England, about a 20th century time traveller.

  • Also, Rachael Kelly picked up an Aspiring Novelist's award in Ireland for 'The Edge of Heaven' between Perseus 1 and 2 being published.


Then of course the team’s other tried and true authors returned: CM Martin, Debbie Painter (both of whom had novels published between Perseus 1 and 2, ‘Natira, Child of the Clouds' and 'Dissolution' respectively), Salvatore Lombard, Kate Welty (who has a novel written and an offer of publication), and last but not least Sam Taylor, who produced a second novel just a week ago, 'The Eye of Shiva," sequel to 'Deadly Jewel.' Kelli Faust and Daniel Klein, although not having stories in Volume 2, are still with the group and are busy writing away for Perseus Volume 3.


Perseus has given many members of the team a launching point into the world of professional writing, but it is a well-deserved launching point for such talented authors.


Perseus is about giving a platform to the best and brightest writers of science fiction short stories on the current international scene.
































©2014 Patricia Burn.

©2014 Patricia Burn.
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