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Pat wants me to write a Perseus Blog??

Sam Taylor How the hell do you write a blog? How do you put everything that has happened to you, in even a day, into a few entertaining words? Yes, I worked my ass off! Yes, I learnt lots about myself, and my friends, and many different worlds I had never heard of before! I am still amazed at the sheer variety and scope our authors managed to put into their Perseus stories. It's still a thrill when a new story appears in my inbox and I get to be the first person, apart from the author, to read it. I still feel like a complete heel for critiquing and editing stories when I think they are better than anything I could ever produce! Or I feel like an idiot when I'm proofreading the authors like John Gribbin and CM Martin, and I can't find a single error on a whole page! Is this what you want, Pat? Patricia Burn Yes! Exactly so. Carry on! SamTaylor

...And I still love it when an author says, you want ME to put in a story? Because their writing is fabulous but cognitive dissonance has kicked in and they don't quite believe you want their story LOL.

But how do you put ALL that into words? And the moment when you opened your Facebook and this absolutely INCREDIBLE cover art was staring out at you, and you thought, holy fuck, Pat's brilliant?

So, if you can tell me how to put all that into a diary entry, I'll give it a shot, okay? I'm a bit lost though. Any ideas?

Perseus was an impulse, an idea, a 'let's have some fun, because we're GOOD' and then I realised that not everyone saw that.

And I hate seeing people not knowing how much they're worth, because... well, I grew up like that.

How much their TALENT is worth, I should say.

You're not answering me. Have I said something wrong???

Pat? Have you gone?...

Iz I in trouble again?

I iz in DEEEP trouble, I can tell. I'm sorry, what did I say wrong? Patricia Burn

LOL - nothing - i was busy

just got here - what did you say?

(reads up)

bloody marvellous! think i'll just copy/paste this entire facebook pm into the site blog 'as is'... Sam Taylor Oh crap.


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