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Captain's (Official B)Log

Captain's Log
CAPTAIN'S BLOG :) Stardate 1 July 2014

It’s all happening at 'Sam and Pat Productions' right now!

‘Tales from the Perseus Arm’ has just been uploaded to Amazon and is ‘under review’ by the site, so you should be able to buy it very shortly! (I had a momentary coronary when I thought I’d uploaded it over the top of the original ‘Tales from the Perseus Arm (Volume 1) but I didn’t! It’s all good, both books are up there!

New Perseus Authors

Welcome to our new authors! We’ve just put all our current authors’ biographies up on the Perseus website, and you will no doubt notice some new faces!

Some of you will already be familiar with Steve Guest’s quirky sense of humour, and that comes through wonderfully in both his stories. A fellow Aussie, Steve has written the marvellous tales “What the Hell is This For?” and “Where Did We Come From?”

I’d also like to welcome Tim McLean to the Perseus village! Tim has joined us with his telling little number “Time will Tell” and has a story already submitted for Perseus 3!

Patricia Burn has turned her hand to writing, producing the quirky and intriguing “The Trouble with Coughing.” It blew me away to read this story and realise our resident artist’s talents were not limited to art!

On a personal note, I’d like to thank our existing authors for their continued support (including John Gribbin, Rachael Kelly, Salvatore Lombard and Debbie Painter) with a special thanks to those who stepped up on short notice to produce extra stories for Perseus 2 and 3, including John, CM Martin, Kate Welty, and Patricia Burn. It’s nice to know you have friends who are solid!

Pat’s Cave

Pat is working on the new Perseus website and throwing out awesome covers at the same time with apparent ease. She just finished the cover for The Eye of Shiva, and it’s b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! Go take a look here: (Buy at Amazon). I’ve also seen the prelim of the cover for Tales from the Perseus Arm Volume 2 and it’s up to her usual high standards!

Sam’s Cave

I just finished the Galley Proofs for Tales from the Perseus Arm Volume 2 and The Eye of Shiva this week and wrangled them up onto Amazon, where they’re in review.

I’ve been poking a toe at the manuscript of a novel which I’ve done 30,000 words on, because it’s at the stage where I could power on and finish it, but I’m feeling a bit reluctant because that publisher likes my characters to ‘show their feelings’ and that sort of writing’s just hard yakka for me LOL.

I’m more inclined to start on the third book in the Deadly Jewel series, or start compiling Perseus 3.

I think I’ll take a couple of quiet days out with my family and remind them who I am, then come back fresh and decide what to tackle.

For those of you who are familiar with my *other* writing career ;) I did a final response to an edit on a novella and a galley proof on a short story that’s being published in an anthology, also my publishers just let me know they’ll be sending back the first edits on another novella on Friday. So, a pretty quiet week!

Only got about 10,000 words written though all week though, because… you know, muses.

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