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©2013 Patricia Burn.


Release date: 1 Sept 2013

ISBN-10: 0992541573 

ISBN-13: 978-0992541576

Features stories by:

Kelli Faust, John Gribbin, Rachael Kelly, Daniel Z. Klein, Salvatore B Lombard, C. M. Martin, Debbie Painter, Sam Taylor, Kate Welty & a poem by Patricia Burn.





A new anthology of original short stories about robots, aliens, the depths of space, the astounding future and the sometimes troubling things that happen to the humans who must cope with all of it. 





Tales from the Perseus Arm takes you on an adventure through the universe, introduces you to new and questionable technologies, and makes you question the very things that drive human
will and innovation. 








It is available to order through all major book sellers and can also be BOUGHT ONLINE through
a number of outlets including AMAZON where it is available in both PRINT and KINDLE formats.



Space Cadet by Patricia Burn

World War I or Galactic War XI, some things never change.

Finding a human in storage after all these years was quite a thrill for the Robal’s owner.

He knew all the chat room archetypes, but Blumelena just didn’t seem to fit any of them.

Fruit of Memory by Daniel Z Klein

When memory becomes a recreational drug.

Some things, on reflection, should never have come back to bother you.

In Hell, you don’t get do-overs. He should have known something was up.

They were far from home and lost. Hostilities arose, as they are wont to do when humans are involved. And then a choice had to be made.

In a desperate struggle to save their planet, two men enter the muddy waters of politics and love.

A mysterious changeling child tries to save her village from certain destruction, but she cannot speak.

She’s ruthless… and loving it!

Sub-tropical Russia. Beautiful, sunny, verdant… not the place for a military operation, and not the place to lose your dignity to a seven-centuries-old robot!

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This book is great! An impressive assortment of writers got together and had a science fiction explosion of talent. Load up your Kindle, and get ready to ride your imagination all over the Galaxy!  


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