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Release date: 11 July 2014

ISBN-10: 0992541530

ISBN-13: 978-0992541538

Features stories by:

Patricia Burn, John Gribbin, Steve Guest, Rachael Kelly, Salvatore B Lombard, Tim Maclean, 

C. M. Martin, Debbie Painter, Sam Taylor, and Kate Welty.





Join the Perseus team as they weave their magic once more bringing you tales that range from wildly adventurous, to hilarious, to darkly chilling. 





©2014 Patricia Burn.

They’ll take you from Earth to the far flung corners of unexplored galaxies, so settle down and enjoy a selection of some of the most erudite, well written and intelligent sci-fi stories that are to be found anywhere. Expect some fun along the way!

They didn’t give you a mouth to scream with. They didn’t give you legs to run away from the pain.

There are some friends you just shouldn’t bring home.

What the Hell is This for? by Steve Guest

There are some big red buttons you just shouldn’t push.

Space seems big, but Time goes on forever. Sometimes it’s hard to find your way home.

Easy as Pi by John Gribbin

At least in this universe there are some constants we can all rely on.

She came seeking asylum, and the door was marked just that.

Did you ever look back in wonder at just how far we’d come in a few short years?

She’s there to rescue a small child, and that is just what she’s going to do.

Travelers by Kate Welty

The visitors appeared beautiful in every way. At first.

They were warned not to land, or bad things would happen. But they're human, so they landed anyway.

First Contact, Last Contact by CM Martin

Humanity was never given a fair trial. But who said aliens were fair?

The little pup lost his mother and littermate, then there was a cave-in. He thought it couldn’t get worse. Then he was rescued by humans.

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